Our success stories

The Story of Shahzana Khatoon

She was clearing labels of plastic bottles in Kolkata which fetched her a sum as meagre as ₹50 per week. Save the Children’s West Bengal team identified her and got her enrolled in our Mobile Learning Centre (MLC), much to the protest of her family which viewed Shahzana as a livelihood earning resource.Once at the MLC, Shahzana proved to be a quick learner. She started taking active part in the different activities conducted in the centre and displayed an amazing craving to learn.

With the help of Save the Children, Shahzana secured admission in a Kolkata Municipal Corporation school and she now works hard in her class and not on the streets.

Bridging the divide

Manisha currently lives under a flyover near Elphinstone Road station in Mumbai. Both of Manisha’s older sisters are married, and they try and look after their siblings whenever their mother is at work. Manisha used to be the Manager of the CDK, a children’s bank run by Save the Children and their local partner Hamara Foundation and saves money so that she can use it for household purposes.

She has made it to 12th class without any drops in school, which is a testament to her dedication to education.

The champion for change

At the age of nine, Nisha was forced to work as a domestic helper because she needed to support her family. After she was identified as an out-of-school child, she received support from Save the Children.

Turning her life around in school, she addressed the ‘India Action/2015: Light the Way’ event alongside United Nations representatives at Purana Qila (New Delhi) to promote the Global Goals 2030. Now she’s studying to become a doctor.

Over 10.1 million children have benefitted from our work. Addressing the most pressing needs of India’s children, whether it’s lack of nutrition, no access to education or their exposure to different forms of harm, Save the children works right in the middle of the most marginalised communities to help children survive, thrive, learn and be protected.

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