As we turn 100, we have made some promises to ourselves and to children of the world. By 2030, we will create an India where children have a safe, healthy and enriched childhood.

No child will die of preventable causes before turning five

All children will get basic quality education

Society will no longer tolerate violence against children

To achieve these goals, we will, in the next 3 years, reach out to 4 million of the most deprived children and catalyse change for many more through our community and child-led approach.


Pneumonia:The Forgotten Killer Aims to save the lives of children by reducing under-five mortality due to pneumonia in high burden states of India.
Undernutrition: A Silent Emergency Aims to radically change the future for many of India’s undernourished children and reduce the burden of under-five stunting and the prevalence of wasting food.
Ending Violence Against Children To bring about attitudinal changes around harmful gender and social norms that perpetuate violence against children, and to ensure all boys and girls below 18 are protected against all forms of violence.
Children are Ready for School By investing early, when it matters the most, ensuring all boys and girls have access to quality pre-school education and are school-ready when they enter Class I.
Rights for Children in Street Situations Aims to ensure a life of dignity and respect for some of the most deprived and marginalised children in India.
Resilient and Climate-Smart Children To help children claim their space as ‘Agents of Change’ who can help their own communities, mitigate risks, including ongoing disruptions related to the world’s changing climate.
Triple Dividend of Investing in Adolescents Aims to help adolescents build their own ‘agency’ to make good choices that will improve their well-being as they transition to adulthood.

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