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No Child is born to work

India is home to more than 12.6 million children who are forced to work in order to survive. These children are working as domestic help, on streets, in factories and farmlands silently suffering abuse. Save the Children works to end exploitative Child labour.

Our Approach:

  • Special health care programs for children living on the streets.
  • Expose exploitative child labour practices.
  • Ensure children joining residential bridge schools and vocational training programs for children above 14 years to lessen their chances of becoming child labourers again.

We cannot do this without your support. Please contribute by choosing an amount below.

Please choose an amount

Rs. 20,000 can provide Child Friendly Learning Space, psycho-social and education support for 50 children.
Rs. 10,000 can ensure essential medical care for 100 street children for a month.
Rs 5,000 can provide education kits and uniforms for 5 children.
Rs. 3,000 can help us ensure that a child is pulled out of child labour and put into school.
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You will recieve your 80G Tax exemption certificate with in 7 days of making an online donation

Annual Report

Supporter Speak

Priyanka Raut Kably,

Banker from Mumbai
wrote in with the following:

Knowing that my contribution brings about peace and happiness to children who deserve it so much is a satisfying feeling. I feel fortunate to have the wherewithal to help in small ways. The regular updates you send to me are very informative, Thank you so much and please keep up the good work.

Save the Children works to build a world where every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Disclaimer: Please note that the products mentioned are to illustrate activities and the change that your donation can make to the lives of children. Save the Children, based on the need on the ground, will allocate resources to areas that need funds the most.

Questions: For donation related queries please email us at [email protected] or call us on +91 9811320906 or +91 040 4610 0222

Please Note: The listings above are indicative, Save the Children, based on the need on the ground will allocate resources to specific work that needs the funds most.

Data Security: We take utmost precautions with your data, we will never share your information. We also do not store any sensitive information like your credit card or bank details.