Our hope for children

Dear extended family, friends and well-wishers of Save the Children (also known as Bal Raksha Bharat)

The new Strategy period of ours is underway appropriately from our Founding Day – 1 April. This three-year Strategy is a program driven strategy – one which reiterates our singular focus on our commitment to children. The approach will be driven by the needs and asks of our primary stakeholders- the children. To bring this strategy alive and as a living representation of our commitment, we are ensuring both in letter and spirit to create spaces for the Rights and Agency of Children- to be defined and voiced by them and heard by us. So the journey ahead is that of being the voice for children and of children. We will be structuring and enabling children's councils across all our projects building up to a children-led platform interfacing at the highest existing platforms.

Our work is in sync with the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – which states that children have a right to be active participants in all that affects their lives. The first step towards ensuring an agency for children is to recognise them as competent and capable. For organisations like Save the Children, we need to make investments that first make children capable of recognising their own agencies, second exercise their agencies by sharing accountability, and last, we need to work with systems and institutions involved to create an affordance for growing agencies of children.

Meanwhile in terms of milestones - our flagship report WINGS 2022 was launched in March, capturing the voices of young girls on issues that impacted their lives during COVID-19 pandemic- starting from menstrual hygiene to education to forced marriages.

We plan to launch an econometrics-based report on Early Childhood Education in June with the hope of having better provisions for early education in the Union Budget for The Right Start for every last child. The launch of the TRAC (The Rights and Agency of Children) the report announced last year is due this November. It will be published annually in an endeavor to make a conscious shift to create evidence through child-led processes.

We are also moving towards youth and the child-led advisory board for the organisation so that our decisions are informed from time to time by their perspectives. As we stand committed to working alongside children, we will acknowledge the vulnerabilities faced by some sections of children. We will work with a heavy-touch approach to see tangible changes among the focused groups- with a hope that you will stand by us as you have always.