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May 2020 | ISSUE-IV

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Our Hope For Children

Save the Children has a history of responding to crises but this time it is complex. The biggest humanitarian crisis in the form of COVID-19 has directly impacted you and us alike. Yet we also know that the impact of the pandemic is multifold. And the ones who are likely to be most affected are the most marginalised and vulnerable community-our Children. Just as the virus does not respect borders, we at Save the Children are committed to reaching children everywhere. Children are now at the frontline of this crises. They are being deprived of health and nutrition services affecting their growth and development.

Protecting a child is like protecting a generation. I urge you all to not forget these children on the brink during this unprecedented times. With your trust and support we will try our best to ensure that the gains that India has made for its children in the last decade is not lost.

On behalf of me and Save the Children-Bal Raksha Bharat family, we wish for you all and your families to be safe during these unfortunate times and keep going forward with strength and resilience. Together, we can fight these times and hope for a better tomorrow.

- Bidisha Pillai, CEO, Save the Children


Understanding Child Rights

Save the Children COVID-19 response, much beyond humanitarian relief

As India remained morally committed to reduce the risk of the infection, the humanitarian crisis that the deprivation wreaked continued to grow. The pandemic was indeed bigger than a health emergency-it completely led to the collapse of public systems leading to a suspension of nutrition, health, and education services that are often the only hope for the ones living on the brink. Not to wonder, the worst-hit remained the children and the women.

People belonging to low socio-economic backgrounds who were largely dependent upon Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), Midday meals, and Public Distribution System (PDS) for bridging the protein and calorie deficiency were left to fend for themselves. The complex nature of the crisis needed interventions much beyond the immediate humanitarian relief.

Highlights of the quarter

Celebrating Breakthroughs


Celebrities join #SavewithStories to bring solace to children during pandemic

When the world has come to a standstill, schools have shut down, children have to stay at home, having to cope with the crisis they may or may not make complete sense of, Save the Children launched a global campaign on Instagram and Facebook to provide fun and education to kids stuck at home through stories and raise funds.


When #TheInvisibles captured primetime across

Further to a commitment of giving identity and social security to over 2 Lakh children living on the streets under #TheInvisibles campaign, Save the Children joined hands with NDTV to raise funds and awareness on the vulnerabilities being faced by these children in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Updates From This Quarter


Save the Children anchors child-focused consultation in NVNR

Save the Children along with World Vision and Nine is Mine anchored the National Voluntary National Review (VNR) consultation focused on children on 16 January 2020 under the guidance of NITI Aayog—the policy think tank of the Government of India. The Voluntary National Review (VNR) is an annual review process of the national commitments and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

Save the Children conducts training for teachers on inclusion, safe school

Save the Children in collaboration with the Telangana State Portal School Education conducted a special programme focused on inclusion and safety at schools on TSAT, a satellite based communication network run by the state government to interact with headmasters and teachers. The two hours programme led by Kamal Gaur, Deputy Director, Child Education Vikas Gora, Deputy Director Programme and Nagesh, Manager, Education focused on teacher cadre management, performance, school management and leadership. The initiative has reached 43000 head teachers and around 8 lakh children.

Boys more vulnerable to malnourishment symptoms: report

Young boys are consistently more vulnerable to stunting, wasting and underweight as compared to girls--says Save the Children report. The report is based on a scientific assessment conducted to identify prominent trends in under-five malnourished children in Bhanwar Singh Camp, one of the oldest slums in Delhi under project ‘Vision healthy India: Fight against the silent emergency’ supported by Knorr-Bremse Global Care.

Book reading session in Kolkata hails children as changemakers

Not only adults but children too can be instrumental in bringing positive changes in society was amply highlighted in the book reading session of ‘We are the Champions’ organised by Save the Children at the Oxford Book Store in Kolkata. The session was attended by the authors Rashmi Bansal and Devendra Tak, along with child rights crusaders Anoyara Khatun and Saraswati-two of the 15 children featured in the book.


District level task force in Tonk and Jodhpur to combat child marriages

Save the Children in collaboration with the district administration in Tonk, Rajasthan prepared a Child Protection Plan to combat child marriages. A district level task force has been put in place under the plan with representation from the district governance, local partners NGOs and UNICEF.

Save the Children Changemaker series calls for gender equality

This women’s day, Save the Children in collaboration with Amity University celebrated the Change Maker series- an inspiring platform instituted by the organisation that aims to bring together ‘changemakers’ - political leaders, media, public figures, experts and child champions to encourage ‘Positive Steps Towards Equality’.

National conclave to bring together stakeholders for basic education to children of migrant workers

Save the Children proposed a national conclave to engage with multiple stakeholders for ensuring access to basic education facilities for children of migrant workers at the inter-state convergence meet organized on 3 March 2020 in West Bengal. The state convergence meet was attended by Priyank Kanungo, Chairperson, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) as Chief Guest, along with representatives from local organisations, and other key stakeholders from West Bengal & Jharkhand to discuss the issue towards ensuring Right to Education for the children on move.

Responsible business key to uphold child rights, says Save the Children

In the backdrop of a study that shows a high incidence of child exploitation among children from 7 to 17 years in the tea-growing districts of Assam, Save the Children focuses on responsible business behaviour through partnerships and dialogues with key stakeholders to uphold the rights of the children. A multi-stakeholder discussion was held to this effect on 24 January 2020. The study taken up by Save the Children in 2017 shows 37% of children between the ages of 7 and 17 years in seven tea-growing districts of Assam are engaged in forced labour in the tea gardens. Half out of these children work for more than 40 hours per week. The study also found that the working conditions are often hazardous.

Partnerships For Change

Save the Children signs declaration to tackle pneumonia among under-five children

Save the Children signed a declaration on tackling pneumonia deaths among under-five children at the Global Childhood Pneumonia Forum held in Barcelona, Spain from 29-31 January 2020.

HCL supports Save the Children to promote safe learning environment in schools

Save the Children won the fifth edition of the HCL Grant Award worth INR 5 crores to support a safe learning environment in schools of Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

Filmmaker Brahmanand Singh calls for collaborative efforts to abolish child labour

National award-winning filmmaker Brahmanand S. Siingh calls for collective efforts towards making India Child Labour free at the screening of Jhalki, organised by Save the Children at Patrakaar Bhawan, Pune on 15 January.

Save the Children introduces safety clubs in five colleges in Telangana

As part of the consistent effort in ensuring girl’s safety through campaigns, programmes and advocacy, Save the Children partnered with Women Safety Wing, Telangana Police and Lead Life Foundation to set up 'Safety Clubs' in five colleges to address safety challenges faced by girls, women and children through easier access to police and legal mechanism.

Save the Children creates cadre of district facilitators to ensure climate resilience among children

Save the Children conducted the training of district facilitators under the joint initiative with Kudumbashree-the State Poverty Eradication Mission of Government of Kerala to strengthen the resilience of children through awareness, knowledge sharing, preparedness, and training. The initiative 'Resilient & Climate Smart Children in Kerala' is expected to reach 42,000 children’s and women’s groups.

Organisational Showcase

Our Children, Our Pride

The children under our projects put their creativity to use during the lockdown while drawing posters and creating interactive games for children and community. Save the Children proudly shares the communication items created through remote participation of children that can be used for community outreach. Feel free to download the items and use them ahead.



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Save the Children set to launch Dream Accelerator fund to inspire young leadership

Save the Children is set to launch the ‘Dream Accelerator Initiative’ to engage, empower and inspired children and young people as champions of change. The pilot initiative will focus on deepening our engagement with 50 children to empower them with training on rights and leadership skills and shortlist four innovative, independent micro projects for social change led by children. The selection of the micro projects will be based on a detailed selection criteria. In this efforts, the micro projects will be drawn up in close consultation with children and their dreams for change in their community.

This initiative is rooted in Save the Children’s value of ‘being the voice’ not only on behalf of children but also to cultivate and nurture them to speak for themselves as strong champions for the rights of children.

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Lens on the Invisibles

Save the Children launched India's first ever digital exhibition ‘A Lens on the Invisibles’, a photo documentation on the lives of street connected children on 20 April 2020. Internationally acclaimed photographer Vicky Roy brings to your screen the lives of impoverishment, deprivation that survives on the streets of India. With 3.02 lakh engagement, this digital exhibition is a must for you.
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