Quarterly Bulletin

Bal Raksha Bharat

August 2020 | ISSUE-V

Highlights of the quarter

Steering narratives against child labour, trafficking

With the amendment in labour laws by some states after COVID-19 lockdown, the need for action towards safeguarding the rights of children was felt more than ever. Bringing like-minded organisations and networks together, Save the Children jointly made appeals for a review of the legislation. Media discourses, conversation on digital platforms, statements by multiple stakeholders, hub level consultations, all contributed to successfully claim that ‘Work is No Child’s Business’.

Save the Children as a part of the alliance Working Group on Women in Value Chains (WiVC) highlighted that dilution of monitoring and inspection mechanisms may lead to increased incidences of exploitation and abuse of workers and see children join the workforce. Webinars led by 13 states across India built a collective voice with the representation of child rights and human rights advocates, legal practitioners, media, CSOs and our child champions against the spurt in exploitation or abuse against children amid lockdown. Our efforts on the issue continued with advocacy at state levels, consultations on the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, and engagement with active citizen groups like Rotary and a Global Compact Network India to influence sustainability and corporate responsibility practitioners.

Bringing streets to screens

When India stayed home to keep safe from the virus, the children on the streets remained exposed to increased risks of disease, infection, violence and abuse. To amplify the cause of the two million children living on the streets in India, Save the Children in collaboration with internationally acclaimed photographer Vicky Roy launched the first ever digital exhibition ‘A Lens on #TheInvisibles’ in April to narrate the exemplary stories of 10 children living on the streets.

We also partnered with two prominent platforms—Inspiria knowledge campus, an educational institute and Chennai photo Biennale, a public arts collective to engage with the youth coming from diverse backgrounds on the cause of the children living on the streets.

Take a tour of the exhibition here