Quarterly Bulletin

Bal Raksha Bharat

November 2020 | ISSUE-VI


Our hope for children

Dear extended family of Save the Children, Bal Raksha Bharat and the 1.2 million children we are associated with!

This is my first communication to you all and let me start with a big thanks to all of you for being with us and being a part of the solution – this co-commitment for making this world a better place for children. They say that the tough get going when the going gets tough – well this year we helped us learn that of ourselves. Our team on the field has worked in the most uncertain and tough times to ensure continuity come hail or high water – and ensured that we deliver as per our promise. Without your unstinted support and belief, we would not have been able to reach as many children as we have despite all challenges.

Of course, the Children have been the epitome of tenacity and determination. Happy to share that five of our changemakers got shortlisted for the International Children’s Peace Prize; which is more important for not the award itself but what it signifies – that the Children are taking charge of their destiny.

During my initial interaction with the community, I was wondering if the people can ensure sufficient precaution during these difficult times, but like always I was amazed to witness the resilience, awareness, and commitment exhibited by them. The meeting with the community leaders, knowing their journey infested with extreme challenges and joys of overcoming filled me with pride. It is overwhelming to see how they have embraced health, hygiene, and sanitation as a cultural shift towards a better life. These have ensured their safety during COVID-19 times. This journey that we have traveled together with the community and children has helped us persist in face of all challenges.

Together with us, the children have laid the foundation blocks and will continue to build on them. We are here to enable them to lead!! We bet on these Children to building our country's future. I am sure you will continue supporting us in this belief.

Thank You again, and look forward to your ideas for this journey too.