Dear Family,

Thank You for being there and continuing to believe in us through these unprecedented 'Hail and High Water' times! Your belief and your support make us what we are.

Season's greetings from your extended family of almost 1 million children and over 1000 enablers! At the end of another eventful and unique Year, I am glad to thank you for your generosity, which enabled us to cope with a year full of challenges. I am grateful that when it looked impossible, we managed to provide the Children a near-normal continuity of life – engaging to our fullest in all that it takes – Nutrition, Health, Protection, and Education with your support. As has been the hallmark of our frontline people – they have this magical ability to make everything seem like 'A child’s play'. At the most difficult times when most people were afraid for themselves and focussed on self-preservation, this team lived up to your trust and went out wherever and whenever needed. I am proud to share that your trust has not been misplaced. Meanwhile, we continue to build on our strengths and work towards delivering our promise. We are shifting gears – and the new implementation strategy – the three years Strategy 2022-2024 is a roadmap to be an organisation led by effective programs not merely for the children, but bringing..


Understanding Child Rights

Two distinct timelines have emerged in the past year – life before the pandemic and life after the pandemic. And in between comes the stories of learnings, adaptability, resilience and finding smart solutions to huge problems. Over 320 million children have been affected due to the closure of learning facilities, and over 10 million girls may never return to schools. Disruption in children’s education emerged as a major challenge. While the older students struggled with accessing online classes and adjusting to the new normal, the learning responsibility of children between 3 and 6 years fell on parents and caregivers. If battling discrimination and the digital divide was not enough, dread of hunger, harmful labour, early marriage and trafficking loom large on their uncertain future.

Save the Children globally launched its calls and actions urging leaders and decision makers to act immediately on the learning emergency that the pandemic induced prolonged school closure has snowballed into. Starting from 1 June 2021 (International Children’s Day) to 8 September 2021 (International Literacy Day), 50 countries across the globe urged for protecting a generation of learners.

Save the Children in India joined the movement through online and offline spaces in order to mobilise commitments and voices on the ground and among public advocating for low tech and no tech solutions to improve access, especially for girls.


Celebrating Breakthroughs

Starting from International Children’s Day on 1 June till International Literacy Day on 8 September, Save the Children’s #AllyUpForHer campaign called for actions for learning continuity of children, especially girls through #100DaysofAction. Through petition, online and offline activations we along children, urged leaders ensure learning continuity through equitable access to learning materials for girls to not drop out due to COVID-19. 10 million girls face the risk of never returning to school. Amplifying through key moments, the campaign was joined in by plethora of influencers, politicians, Corporates, Civil Society Organisations like Red Dot foundation, Breakthrough India and Sayfty.

The social media moments like #PauseandThinkChallenge and #MySchoolMemoryChallenge were coupled with on ground activations across the states with significant partnerships for enabling learning continuity through empowering parents and caregivers through stories and play as media. Media partnerships with All India Radio in South, Radio Mirchi in North and community radios in Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jharkhand enabled penetration at all levels.

Children were also supported with learning kits across states. A 4 years MoU was signed with the Government of Rajasthan for ensuring girl’s access to education.

Save the Children joined the biggest festival of giving and kindness for the first time by activations all across the states bringing in new perspective to 'Giving'. To define giving beyond material or money, Save the Children employees relished, nurtured and paid back to all starting from small grassroot organisations, to community, children until mother nature. From blood donation drives, to cleanliness drives, to children home visits to plantation drives—Daan Utsav was no less than a festivity at Save the Children.

We were also being supported by corporates who enabled book donation to storytelling to water kiosk installation in schools to beautification of school premises. This one week festivity was implemented by each and every member of Save the Children who pushed their limits to enable others in the ecosystem.

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Our children have been our beacon of hope throughout the pandemic, lockdown, and the challenges that emerged with it. With digital and gender divide playing up the existing socio-economic gaps, the children amplified their concerns, community challenges, risks and issues that slipped through the crack.

Save the Children collaborated with Banasthali Community Radio in Rajasthan to relay their voices even further. Children highlighted challenges like child marriage, child labour, domestic violence, mental health issues that emerged as common challenges at homes. On Human Rights Day, 10 December, we will release a series of community radio podcasts on our YouTube channel, for you to tune in to these powerful voices and messages that went unheard by many.

On our first episode coming on 10 December, we will be bringing you a conversation with Mamta, our youth champion and a crusader of child marriage in her community talking about the rise in child marriages in recent times and why upholding basic human rights for a girl is not charity but very much a part our duties and responsibilities.


As India bats for clean energy and climate education in schools at the COP 26 in Glasgow, the need for bringing young people into the climate conversation was underscored by Prime Minister's iteration of climate education. Aligning with this key moment and opportunity, we embarked on the journey to resound the voices of young people for climate action with our message: Climate Crisis is a Child Rights Crisis.

To bring young voices at the front and center of climate conversations by highlighting youth-led actions for the future of the planet, Save the Children launched a petition in the form of an open letter to the Prime Minister.

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