Our hope for children

Dear Family,

Thank You for being there and continuing to believe in us through these unprecedented 'Hail and High Water' times! Your belief and your support make us what we are.

Season's greetings from your extended family of almost 1 million children and over 1000 enablers! At the end of another eventful and unique Year, I am glad to thank you for your generosity, which enabled us to cope with a year full of challenges. I am grateful that when it looked impossible, we managed to provide the Children a near-normal continuity of life – engaging to our fullest in all that it takes – Nutrition, Health, Protection, and Education with your support. As has been the hallmark of our frontline people – they have this magical ability to make everything seem like 'A child’s play'. At the most difficult times when most people were afraid for themselves and focussed on self-preservation, this team lived up to your trust and went out wherever and whenever needed. I am proud to share that your trust has not been misplaced.

Meanwhile, we continue to build on our strengths and work towards delivering our promise. We are shifting gears – and the new implementation strategy – the three years Strategy 2022-2024 is a roadmap to be an organisation led by effective programs not merely for the children, but bringing the children as primary stakeholders and their voices. We have committed that by the end of this strategy period we will see, hear and know what the children think, seek, and expect from all of us. And even in the process of evolving this strategy we listened to the children and ensured that their aspiration is the driving energy.

The highlight of the quarter which just went by – announcement of the TRAC report (The Rights and Agency of Children In India) Report- an affirmative step forward in being an organisation of the children, and from next November each year, the children of India will bring you this report.

Just knowing that you got our backs makes us bravely and enthusiastically look at the year ahead as always.

Thank you again from all of us.