1,70,70,000 children in India are out of school. Actual no. who don't get quality & enabling education is much higher

An estimated 20,00,000 children are losing their childhood on streets of India

13,40,000 children under 5 die each year in India due to preventable causes

47% girls in India get married before they turn 18

Millions of children in India are being a denied a chance at a happy & dignified childhood, mainly because of who they are and where they are born. Save the Children works to bring this injustice to an end.

Your donation will add to the fund that runs child education, protection and health programs across India. These programs are funded by thousands of donors such as you.

Save the Children runs over 65 programs in 19 states in India, helping over 1 million children a year exercise their right to a childhood they can cherish.

We run solely on donations and any amount donated by you helps us do more. These donations are going a long way in transforming our nation as they help children, who are the future. As per UN report published in 2014, India is the youngest country in the world.

While Save the Children appreciates monthly donations more where you choose to donate a small fixed amount monthly for us to be able to plan our programs for longer term, a single donation can also help save a child.


Spending(FY 2016-17)

30% funds in Health & Nutrition

30% funds in Child Protection*

21% funds in Emergencies

12% funds in Education

7% other Grant Related Expenditure

Work Highlights

Lives of 22.51 lakh children were improved

4.09 lakh children were protected from different kinds of abuse and harm*

More than 53,671 children were given education / education assistance

1.64 lakh children were rescued from child labor

*Harms like abuse, exploitation, child marriage, trafficking, child labour, violence, substance abuse and others.

Save the Children is India's leading independent child rights NGO

Present in more than
80 countries
Works in 18 Indian
Changed lives of around 10 mn
Indian children

It is a registered NGO under the name Bal Raksha Bharat under Societies Registration Act and all donations made by individuals are tax exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act. Save the Children runs programs in the remotest corners of India and metros through direct intervention and it works to implement Government programs, train teachers and health-workers, engages with parents & communities and advocates & campaigns for changes in (and new) Government policies.

Save the Children believes to in giving a future to every child out there

In the next three years, Save the Children is committed to improve the lives of at least 20,00,000 of India's most excluded and vulnerable children, including 5,00,000 children currently living on the streets. These children will be given identity, proper education & nutrition, health care, protection and support so that they can get a good & fair start in life.

The UN Convention consists of 41 articles, each of which details a different type of right. These rights are not ranked in order of importance; instead they interact with one another to form one integrated set of rights. A common approach is to group these articles together under the following themes:

Include the child's right to life and the needs that are most basic to existence, such as nutrition, shelter, an adequate living standard, and access to medical services.

Include the right to education, play, leisure, cultural activities, access to information, and freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Ensure children are safeguarded against all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation, including special care for refugee children; safeguards for children in the criminal justice system; protection for children in employment; protection and rehabilitation for children who have suffered exploitation or abuse of any kind.

Encompass children's freedom to express opinions, to have a say in matters affecting their own lives, to join associations and to assemble peacefully. As their capacities develop, children should have increasing opportunity to participate in the activities of society, in preparation for adulthood.

The UN Convention includes four articles that are given special emphasis. These are also known as 'general principles'. These rights are the bedrock for securing the additional rights in the UN Convention.

  • That all the rights guaranteed by the UNCRC must be available to all children without discrimination of any kind (Article 2)
  • That the best interests of the child must be a primary consideration in all actions concerning children (Article 3)
  • That every child has the right to life, survival and development (Article 6)
  • That the child’s view must be considered and taken into account in all matters affecting him or her (Article 12)