Delhi's Own Gully Boy Sumit Raps his Way to Amitabh Bachchan-supported 'Banega Swachh India 2019' Campaign

Young 14 year old Sumit lives in Bhanwar Singh Camp slum of Vasant Vihar (New Delhi) with his family since last 25 years. He wants to become a rapper like his ideal “Ekka Ankit Singh”. He has been doing it for last 4 years and has customized his rap songs around key issues of Sanitaton, Child Abuse, Child Protection and Patriotism. He considers that Rap is something very new to the community hence everyone enjoy his rap songs involving key messages.

Sumit is also being guided by Save the Children field staff by regular interaction and sessions during CCHHC group meeting. He motivates people of his community to use dustbin for proper dispose of household garbage & use for toilet through rap songs. His efforts of are making him a true role model and a real agent of change for his community.

Majority of people in his society are migrated from nearby states with their traditional mindset and are not well aware about the importance of WASH in their life. The issues like open defection, absence of hand washing at critical times, no use of dustbins and lack of proper drainage are very common in the area.

Rapping is an innovative tool for raising awareness in the society and being quite new to the society everyone is loving it. It could be one of the most influencing tools to bring change in the society. He has been using the same method for raising awareness especially on the issues like Child rights, importance of using toilets and hand washing and other WASH related issues. He is keen to bring about turning society more humane and considerate.

The connection with the audience is very direct and attracts the crowd that gives you an opportunity to reach the masses. The feedback is immediate with the audience replying with laughter or applause. Important issues like using toilets, handwashing and Safe drinking water can be highlighted through this art form.

Sumit has performed at the Global Partnership Forum by the Government of India official side event, India Day and recent #Vote4Children event in collaboration with Twitter India and Youth Ki Awaaz. It was a dream come true for Sumit when his rapped at the stage of Banega Swachh India launch by NDTV, sharing the platform with legendary Amitabh Bachchan and his icon Naezy the rapper.