*Names have been changed to protect identities


I felt lonely before.
Now I enjoy going to school because I have made friends.

Age: 8 yrs
Location: Agra
Year: 2019

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Meet Amit, a young eight-year-old boy from the Sundar Pada slum of Agra. He lives in a temporary home with his parents and four siblings. The boy is a ball of energy, always on his feet. He proudly declares how he manages to keep himself entertained at all times by jumping and running around, “I like playing and going wherever I want, but my grandmother always finds me!” Amit exclaims with a rebellious smile peeking through.

When Save the Children assisted Amit with the registration for an Aadhar Card, it opened new doors for him. The identification card allowed him to get admission into a private school in the neighbourhood. This gave him easy access to the books and notebooks, giving him a head start at learning. The boy is full of enthusiasm and positivity which gave way to him making friends easily. “It keeps him engaged”, says his mother who is happy to finally find some time for herself during the day, while the son is busy at school. “Homework after school hours keeps the young boy occupied, and helps channelise his energy in a constructive manner,” she adds.

Of course, Amit’s school life isn’t just about studies, “I play a lot at school and usually end up getting into a fight, but I always win the fights!” Amit brags as he proudly talks about his life at his new school.

This small boy isn’t afraid to dream big. “I want a big racing car,” he says. His eyes glimmer equally with hope and mischief. He wishes to sit in his race car and explore the world beyond the slum community he’s always called home.


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