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Anything is possible in my life if I try my best

Age: 8 yrs
Location: Agra
Year: 2019

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Happy in her own little world, eight-year-old Madhu doesn’t have much to say. She lives with her three sisters and mother in a slum cluster in the city of Agra. The same city, which is home to the marvellous world wonder - Taj Mahal, also hides in its shadow the slum communities, like the one where Madhu stays. Such is the sharp contrast of the urban Indian landscape.

Having only lived on the streets her entire life, Madhu does not know about much beyond. With not much to compare her current living situation to, she simply feels just “alright” on the streets. On the brighter side, though, sometimes, Madhu goes to school. “I like it there. I just started. I like to read, and I like playing with friends at school,” she beams.

Save the Children has helped thousands of street children register for Aadhar and other identification proofs. We asked her how she thought an Aadhaar card would change her life. She asks in return, “how an Aadhaar card could help my parents.” While she does not elaborate much, she is perhaps referring to an access to government schemes and scholarships which would help her access education and her parents to save money for the future. Sometimes, the largest hearts live in the smallest of houses.


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