*Names have been changed to protect identities


I feel safe after having an identity.

Age: 12 yrs
Location: Maharashtra
Year: 2019

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In the Bajrangwadi area of Nashik, Maharashtra lives 12-year-old Ravi in a temporary home. He lives with his grandmother, aunt, and an elder brother. Ravi is talkative and immediately starts chatting with the Save the Children team about his school, friends, family and what he likes. “My family, friends, and teachers love me,” says Ravi. “I feel safe.” Bubbling with enthusiasm, he tells the team, “I don’t miss anything [while living on the street], I enjoy with friends,” declares the young boy.

When Save the Children helped Ravi with the Aadhaar registration, he was very excited about the registration process. He says, “ I had to wait for long. But when my turn came it was fun. They took my photo and I had put my fingers on the machine.”

Ravi believes it will open up a plethora of opportunities for him. He knows that without an identity one cannot go to school or get access to government schemes and scholarships “I will give my ID card to the teacher and they will enrol me in different scholarship schemes.”

He dreams of studying well. He can see far ahead in the future already. With his education he will be able to make a better life, a good career. It’s almost magical how a mere piece of paper has instilled in this boy the desire for a better life and such determination to change his life. We all have a lesson in positivity to learn from Ravi, who lets neither the large scar on his leg nor the weight of poverty deter his cheerful smile and his buoyant attitude.


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