My photos gave
me a chance.

Originally from West Bengal, Vicky Roy escaped his grandparents' home and found himself at a railway station in Delhi. As a young boy, he worked as a ragpicker. It was only when the Salaam Balak Trust rescued him, that he received a new lease on life. Here, he was introduced to his instrument of change: the camera.

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All my projects revolve around social themes.

Today, Vicky is an internationally acclaimed photographer, changing ideas with one perfectly clicked photograph at a time. After studying professional photography at Triveni Kala Sangam, and apprenticing under Anay Mann, he held his first solo exhibition at India Habitat Centre in 2017 titled 'Street Dreams', this was borne from his experience as a child on the street - an ode to his humble beginnings.

Change happens when thoughts are put into action.

Capturing the hidden beauty of street-connected children remains Vicky's favourite area of documentation. He often takes children- his subject- to his exhibitions, seeing their faces adorning the walls delights them like nothing else. For Vicky, the satisfaction derived from hearing their laughter, listening to their voices bubbling with excitement, and showing them the possibility of a better life is unmatched.

From the World Trade Centre site to Buckingham Palace, Vicky's talent has been his gateway to the world. But tasting success hasn't stopped him from giving back to the community. He began a photo library, Rang, which conducts workshops for school and shelter children. Vicky epitomises the motto he lives by: change happens when thoughts are put into action.