Making the
#TheInvisibles Visible

A Commitment to give 2 Lakh Children Living on the Streets
of India with identity and access to rights entitlements


I believe in and stand for the most vulnerable, the children living on the streets of India. I Take the Pledge to do whatever I can to play a part in improving the lives of street children.


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To provide identity and access to rights to 2 lakh children living in street situations through a legal and valid Identity document by March 2020 in 10 cities of India


To reach 20 lakh children living in street situation and give them access to identity by 2023 in 15 cities of India

Are you with us?

Watch the video to know more about our journey to make #TheInvisibles visible.

From Commitment to Action

Our work impacting lives of children in street situation - The Journey So Far

Did you know, nearly 20 lakh children live on India's streets with their chances of surviving, learning and thriving extremely bleak, thereby making them the most vulnerable section of society? 79 %

You have seen them knocking at our car window, selling books at a traffic signal or working at a local eatery. Sometimes, you offer them food, sometimes money and very often you turn the other way, making them #TheInvisibles.

Worst of all, children living on the streets lack an identity. The lives of street children are a reflection of sheer inhumaneness of our society.

From Commitment to Action

Stats at a glance

  • 20 lakh children live in street situation
  • 79 per cent didn’t have an identification document
  • 1 out of 4 children on street sleep hungry at least once a time every week
  • Every third child has faced abuse
  • 63 per cent of children on the streets cannot read or write
  • 70 per cent children in street situation are employed in child labour
  • 37 per cent of children in street situation sleep on the pavements

Our Commitment, Our Ambition

Save the Children has embarked on a significant forward journey to continue to impact lives of children in street situation. Our effort on the ground seeks to address the biggest problem these children face – lack of identity.

Our study, 'Life on the Street', found that the biggest problem that children on the streets faced was that they had no form of legal identity document, neither access to rights and entitlements.

Denial of most basic rights - that we take for granted. From the right to go to school to access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and even schemes they could be entitled to. They remain on the margins, marginalised and vulnerable. This is the story of over 20 lakhs who live on the streets of India.

Our efforts on ground aims to change this reality. Our Commitment towards 'Making #TheInvisibles Visible' is an endeavor towards providing identity and claiming rights for children living in street situation.

Our Child Champions

Influencers Speak

Our Artist Ambassador Dia Mirza has been a powerful voice in support of our work for children in street situation. Watch her inspiring message on why street children deserve an identity.